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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Twilight Book Review

Twilight-Stephanie Meyer

♥«´¨• Twilight •´¨`»♥

I took the plung into the cult that is 'Twilight'. It has taken me a few months to have the free time to sit down and read the book and suprisingly It has only taken me roughly two weeks to read it. Which for me is an achivement in itself. So while I am about to point out a few cons about the book itself, I will admitt that the book itself was an addictive read in most places and I will not be joining the Anti-Twilight group just yet. (Already ready to read New Moon.)

Starting back from chapter 23 [The Angel]: I really thought that this chapter was really rushed. In comparative to the movie I understand the need to stretch it out but I was hoping that in the books case that the scene with James would go into detail. It was really all to fast for me to comprehend. I would have preferred it to go into the biting scene and really delve into the senses Edward was feeling as he bit her. The look on his face and the feelings of his body.

Next thing on my list of cons is Pacing: The book itself like the movie was rather slow and bland to start with. Not that it was a bad thing once it picked up. But I did not feel as though I was immediately taken into her world. It took a bit for me to find my placing in the book itself. Again when I did find my pacing it was an enjoyable read.

My second final Con with the book that I can think of at present was Target age: While much like the 'Harry potter" series where I can see people of all ages reading the series. It was most definitely aimed for young adults. Ages 13-17. I found it hard to connect with the characters for the most part because even though I am an adult myself I am still a young adult and I believe that the characters lacked a little in the age sector. It seemed to me that they were written to be 14-15 rather than 17 and onwards. Had it been revved up a little with more intense sexual tension and character interactions it would have made for a perfect Target age in my eyes.

My final con was The baseball Scene: It was really lacking edge. I wonder if I should have read the book before the movie but the way it was described definitely lacked that fast past action adrenaline that I expected to read about. in fact that is one of my favorite scenes because it brings them all together in a humane sense, while showing their true characters and to have it down played was a little disheartening. When you read it though you must listen to Supermassive Black Hole by Muse !!!

What I did love about the book was the character interactions on family matters. I really loved the way that family played a large part in the series. There was no real teenage rebellion against parents wishes in the books which was refreshing. Given Bella had her issues with Charlie, but that was more awkwardness than rebellion. Until the scene in which she has to be cruel to be kind with Charlie and leave. It was my favorite scene in the whole book and the one I connected with most greatly.

I also loved how each character was different. They each had their own worlds inside the same one. Each had their best and worst traits and qualities and it was interesting going on the journey with each one through the course of the book. I am looking forward to reading more to find out about more characters. My special interest is in Alice.

Overall I did enjoy reading the book. It was as I said very addictive. It was easy to read and hold and it kept my interest as the chapters were not overly lengthy and it did not drone on about anything. It made sense and connected with each character.

Overall I give this book :
ѼѼѼѼ Apples !!!!