Friday, September 18, 2009

My Notebooks

My notebook: This is my main notebook. It is called my everything book; because it is just that. In between these pages I can escape with my ideas, fragments, fantasies, needs and desires. Anytime, anywhere I like. To me this notebook is an important part of me being a writer. It is my one true release above everything else.
The Beautiful Pages of my notebook.

These are my three main notebooks, though the middle is hard to write in, due to the paper. To the left; my main notebook [My life.] Middle; my daily journal. Right; my little black book where ideas are jotted when I don't have my other books or late at night. It sits beside my lamp on my bedside table and often hides in my writers bag.

My Writing Desk September

As always I like to showcase my writing desk that changes every month. Right now my writing desk is a little fold away table - (That never is folded away) -This is where I am trying to do all my handwritten writing, planning, outlining. I am also using my computer desk, but it has not changed much & sometimes I even write on my bed. As you can see it is neat and fairly organized.
[This picture was taken after I finished working on character outlines. Hense the cluttered pile of pens.

A Room Without Books.

Birds Eye View
Top shelf
Second Top Shelf

Middle Shelf

Horizontal View

Front View

My Empty Bookcase [SHOCK]

Bottom Shelf

Bookshelf : Before cleaning

Ass View

My Books
I must admit these photographs don't do my collection justice, but it is a fair idea of how many unread books I own & Keep collecting.

I thought, upon doing my spring cleaning I might give you a peek into my passion : Books.