Monday, June 7, 2010

Blissful Passion

This month we are talking about bliss. What is bliss? What it means to be in bliss? What creates bliss? And how can we share bliss with the world around us through creative art?

To me it isn't about defining what bliss means to me through words, but through actions. For me bliss is to live life doing the things that I love to do, that I am passionate about and live for. I can't sit down and write about every thing that brings me bliss because it might not be the same tomorrow, but there are some things in my life that I've neglected that give me bliss and I have started to find my way home to them.

So this month I kick started my journey towards a more blissful, creative existence by searching within me and asking myself- what is another thing that brings me happiness aside from writing that is creative? The answer was Scrapbooking.

I started it in high school and it used to be something my best friend and I would do even at school. I recalled sitting in the metal words room leafing through the magazine and late nights when I was meant to be sleeping, sitting at the desk my parents had brought me, scrapping away till 4 am where I'd have 2 hours to sleep before I had to be up for school.

I remembered the love I had for the craft. The passion for the vibrancy, the shades and colours, the products and memories. I remembered the process of choosing just the right colours, photos and embellishments to make the most out of my layout and I could never forget the exhaustion and satisfaction I felt when I completed an album.

So when my mum arrived bringing me all my old supplies I fell in love with the craft again and decided to follow my instincts and follow my passion for Scrapbooking.

This week I have completed two pages. One I have titled – 'Happiness', the other ' With Love'. I will post the second one later on in the month along with any other layouts I complete.

Happiness is my first layout in at least three years. I am proud of it, and while it may look a little plain I found it to be a joy to work on something small to start of with. The best part is that it appears to have one photo on it, when in fact it has two. The other is hidden under the first, but can be seen if I choose to let anyone see it.