Friday, April 30, 2010

May 1st - Journaling Prompts 1&2

Part of my plan to be creative everyday means using some Creative Journaling prompts daily.

It is difficult for me to use the prompts suggested on this site and so many others that take a look at me personally in so many ways. I think in the past few years I have lost my passion for journaling and suppressed the side of me that loves delving into the lives of my characters and even into my own deeper mind.

Here is a link to the site I am using for inspiration:

Each day you are given a small prompt to work on. Since April 30th, and May 1st fell so close to me learning more about the Creative Every Day project I decided to make one post.

BTW- In Australia is is May 1st


List three negative situations you can endure that you think will strengthen your character.

1. Monogamy

In my experience I never wanted to be a one man woman, but through the men and women I have met, I believe their different ideals and choices for open relationships showed me what love there can be in a monogamous partnership.

Learning this has strengthened my values in my relationship with Daniel, and made me a stronger person in supporting and fighting with my man.

2. Spiritual Perception

Although I hate it, and I know it stems from fear, I believe knowing what is out there and experiencing the good and bad side of the unknown is something to grow with and learn from.

It lets me challenge myself to absorb knowledge and find my own path of beliefs.

It gives me ideas to expand on and hope that one day I can be apart of something beyond myself.

Feeling and sensing at even the worst of times has allowed me to come to terms with the idea that we are not alone in this world or the next.

I can be strong and make my loved ones proud of me, both deceased and living.

3. Depression

In my view I suffer from depression, it is still to be medically decided.

I know how I feel. I believe that recovering from depression and fighting through the struggle strengthens my will to do well in life and live passionately.

I know in my darkest hours it is so easy to fall into the downward spiral, especially when in pain [mental pain is the worst], but from the terrifying and insane moments, works of art and self progression can bloom and foster into many inspirational stems and choices to follow in the journey of my life.

Each step into healthy thinking, and positivity us another step towards self-success.

Depression has show me that you don't have to be someone you don't want to be, and if you can come out from the other side, like so many before me have, there are always ways to change your pattern of thinking and to make a life you want, that is yours outside the iron walls.

* * *

How tenacious do you think you are when trying to achieve a goal? What factors influence how persistent you are?

It depends solely on the goal I am trying to achieve. For instance, house work is a goal in progress. Shopping, read and writing are goals in progression.

It also depends on how passionate I am about the goal, and my mood at the time. Sometimes, smaller goals like looking after my health take more persistence, than working on a project or shopping for groceries or luxury items.

A goal to me, has a journey to travel with it.

The goals that I find influence my daily actions and how they turn out are the more complex ones. Ones that should come naturally.

Usually to be persistent I need guidance. This can come in many forms, the most popular being lists. I like to keep lists because they keep me dedicated and on track of my goals [however easy or difficult they are.]

I tend to give up on a lot of goals and challenges because of my self doubt to complete anything, which makes reaching the target of my goal a much longer journey. Even at the best of times.

I like to complete my goals, so I continue to make more and follow the path of my journey. I hate unfinished projects, blank pages and lingering goals.

Creative Every Day - May 1st

Two Halves of the Earth

The rainbows spew from an open earth

Wide arms stretch out with dark mirth

An epic smile written on a soulless face

Where dreams are scattered without a trace.

I opened my eyes in the dimming light

Books piled high to shield my fright

Tossing in a sea made of winter sheets

Suffocating beneath the pillows heat

A purple light surrounds my bed

I'm softly speaking with the dead

Unknown to me is what they seek

What words of guidance can they speak

I roll myself into a tight cocoon

Begging that they'll leave me soon

I am not the saviour they wish me to be

They're feeding on my fear to see

The earth is slowly breaking into halves

Wide spread arms awaiting chosen paths

A shadow waiting on the bend

Of nightmares, dream scapes and revenge


Hopefully I will have an attempt at artwork to post to compliment this poem