Thursday, February 5, 2009

January In a nut shell & Goals for Febuary

Ah how inspiration works it's magic.

This week has been a hellish ride, but an inspirational and provocative week filled with crisp opportunities for tuning in my muse and unleashing the wild prolific writer in me.

Firstly: It is my greatest pleasure to announce that “The Apparition Man” (Novel 4) is being written as we speak, or rather as I type this blog.

I am currently at One-Hundred & Twenty Three parts [123 #] , Thirty- One chapters [31#] & Three Hundred & Six pages [306#]. Following this I have another part to finish [124#] and then I will have completed the first chapter In Reidy Hopes Point of View for novel Four.

So huzzah for that accomplishment because I seriously doubted my ability to kick start this novel again, and while it is and will me a straining journey, it is a major goal and aspiration of mine and I will not be giving up at all.

In January the total score of my prolificness (Is a word apparently) 27 pieces of writing Ranging from Short stories- Novel parts- to poems- prose- and lyrics.

A list of my written workings from January 2009:

  • Slippage (Erotica)

  • Disposable (One sentence – Contest Entry)

  • What a way to make a living part 1 (Erotica)

  • I am Part 3 (Poem)

  • I am continued (Poem)

  • I am (poem)

  • I hate you cause you're plastic (Lyrics)

  • Are you Ready (Lyrics)

  • The Apparition Man part 121 # (Novel part)

  • A mess of emotions (Prose)

  • Fingertips (Erotica)

  • Confessions from a Moleskine – Prognosis Part One (Prose)

  • Her Sick sad Story (Back Cover Contest)

  • So the story continues (Prose)

  • Fighting (poem)

  • All Alone- All alone (Poem)

  • This is how my world will end (True story for contest)

  • From something to nothing (Poem)

  • Do you? (Poem)

  • To all my friends (message and notes of prose)

  • A-Z of Demons (Contest Entry A-Z)

  • Confessions from a Moleksine – Paranoia thoughts (Prose)

  • Confessions from a Moleksine- All about my writing (Prose)

  • Sweet Poison – Mr Freya (Short Story)

  • Disposable memories and photographs (Poem)

  • Confessions from a Moleskine -Disposable Memories

  • Letting love speak freely (poem)

My work can be found on Storywrite under Disposable: [links]


Okay so I hope that I counted that correctly and for those of you who have no idea what a Moleskine is. (Shame on you) Here are two links:

The first is an image:

The second is a link to the site:

I promise you will be inspired.

So as you can tell January was quite productive.

I still have some workings of writing that need to be finished.

  • Why I got into the car (Contest Entry)

  • Prologue to fingertips (Short story)

  • Typing rough draft of Sweet Poison]

  • Finishing Chapter 31 of “The Apparition Man”

I hope to have these goals finished early in February.

I shall keep posting, until then... let your muse be with you.

Blair :)

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