Sunday, May 24, 2009

My Writing Bag- May & Early June

The Month of the Red and Pink

[1] My special Blue Pens – I do not know why I am showcasing these or even keeping them in my writing bag really because all my special, favorite pens have run out of ink and I need to go pen shopping. I love pen shopping, but I never really though about it as much as I am right now. The importance of a good pen. It can make all the difference. One of the pens. Which I am using- I took from my dad. It works good enough, but not quiet as smoothly as I would like to. Next to those- My special pink highlighter which I am using at the moment to mark of my extensive list of stories that need to be typed up and finished.

[2] My little black notebook- That actually sits on my bedside table. It is meant to work as a small dream journal in which I can jot down things I remember from my dream that I want to use in stories etc. It is currently still just sitting on my bedside table as I forget my dreams in the morning- but I intend on training my brain to keep notes of all the little ideas that I have.

[3] Assorted stationary – I need to have post-it-notes around me always and index cards. Anyone who knows me knows that these two small pieces of stationary are very important to me. I keep them on my desk. In my bad. On my bedside table and anywhere else I can really. I need to learn to use them more often as I have more boxes full of them.

[4] Mother Energy Drinks- Usually I would opt for a more light drink like tea or iced coffee, but as it was these mothers were on special so I picked up a two for one offer at my local quick service station. They are one of the many treats that I love to have every now and then especially to keep awake when I am working on a big project or developing ideas. I vowed though to keep my imagination and hyperactivity inside after last time. (Don't ask.)

[5] Books – It is pretty self explanatory why I have books in my writing book. Which also when I am not out stay on my bedside table. These are just two of the books that I am currently reading. (I will put up a picture up when I can.) The two books featured are Lover Awakened by J.R.Ward [One of my favorite Authors of the paranormal romance genre] & Bella Of The Ball -Kristen Stewart – A biography by Jo Hurley. [Yes I am obsessed with her.

[6] My Sony Walkman – My soul of inspiration, motivation and life. My music collection and audio collection. I have a mix of music and erotica stories that I love to listen to while I am writing erotica. On my playlist right now on repeat is Marilyn Manson's album – The High End of Low. [ Which I will be doing a review on.] I cannot write without listening to music either before, during or after.

[7] The Red Folder – Which is actually home to my daily pages. Every day I aim to write three pages on loose leaf paper about anything and everything that comes to mind. There are no rules. I just write. Usually I do them in the morning, but as I have a new writing routine [which I will attach to the bottom of this entry] – I have been spanning the writing out over the day. When it is done at the end of the week it goes into the folder :]

[8] My novel drafts and loose writing and notes – Yes I am a very organized writer. I love to have little notes everywhere and I just have to make rough drafts of my novels. I usually use the black clip board when it comes to typing the actual parts of my novels up. I carry the drafts around in plastic pockets while I am working on them. They are easy to use and when they get withered I can just throw them out. Right now I am working on 'The Apparition Man- Chapter 32.'

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