Friday, April 30, 2010

Creative Every Day - May 1st

Two Halves of the Earth

The rainbows spew from an open earth

Wide arms stretch out with dark mirth

An epic smile written on a soulless face

Where dreams are scattered without a trace.

I opened my eyes in the dimming light

Books piled high to shield my fright

Tossing in a sea made of winter sheets

Suffocating beneath the pillows heat

A purple light surrounds my bed

I'm softly speaking with the dead

Unknown to me is what they seek

What words of guidance can they speak

I roll myself into a tight cocoon

Begging that they'll leave me soon

I am not the saviour they wish me to be

They're feeding on my fear to see

The earth is slowly breaking into halves

Wide spread arms awaiting chosen paths

A shadow waiting on the bend

Of nightmares, dream scapes and revenge


Hopefully I will have an attempt at artwork to post to compliment this poem


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