Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Creative Every Day - May 11th

I have been working on some stories. Last night an idea came to me, and while I am not in favor of heavy dialogue, I still wrote nearly 800 words, and for this I am happy. Well I wrote more than that because I also wrote some Gay erotica Lit, but It still needs a little work before I post it.

Demon Radio

A Demon?” I asked, staring at my friend as she recalled the nights events in unfathomable detail.

I picked up the pink oink menu and dragging my nails down the studded binder. My stomach was growing heavy, full of caffeine and growling for a hot cooked meal. I'd made my decision three times over and still the electric blond barbie in the tattered pink apron mooning over Cheshire still hadn't bothered to take our orders.

Yes, a Demon. It knocked on the front door asking if it could use our phone, and when my mum asked why it disappeared, just vanished. At first I thought she'd taken to many pills, but then I realised I had seen and heard it too. So it had to be real.”

I followed the lines of the waitress's dress, watching the frills move each way she skated. She wasn't my type. I wasn't into lipstick ladies, nor was I into bad ass butches, but something caught my eye. A tattoo above her ankle. I'd seen it before, but couldn't remember where.

I can't figure out what it wanted through. I mean obviously it wanted my mum otherwise it wouldn't have come to our house. Right?”

I shook my head, unable to believe a word Sarah was saying, but willing to listen because I always had. Ghost I believed in, Angels too, but demons? I believed that the world was a weird and wonderful place, but demons? There could be no such thing.

Are you sure you're mum hasn't been taking anything you don't know about? I've heard some medication can cause you to hallucinate. Maybe that's all it was,” I said, making matters worse. I copped an penetrating glare that caused me to wriggle in my seat, and made note not to offend her any further than I had to.

She was not hallucinating Amy. I heard the knocking and I saw it too, the Demon. It stood there staring at my mum with a vague expression and then, it disappeared. The same way a ghost would, only this wasn't transparent.”

See, that's probably all it was. Your typical nightmare Casper. Ghost aren't always transparent Sarah. Haven't you watched Supernatural?” I asked, recalling the series by brother had brought me for my birthday.

Some are solid and some aren't. Most aren't solid, but you van get the occasional one that if you looked twice you could swear it was as real as a human.”

Sarah sighed.

Yes. If you recall when it first came out you and I used to watch it together, and they made it perfectly real that demons existed. Come on Amy. If you believe in ghosts, why don't you believe me? I'm telling the truth.”

I took Sarah's hands in mine and held them close to my heart. We'd been sitting in the same booth for over an hour and still we hadn't been serviced. Not even by the pimply ginger nut slaving over the counter. I was beginning to loose my patience, and I didn't want to take my hunger or frustration out on her.

I don't doubt for one second that you're not telling me the truth, but I don't believe in demons. I believe that there are spirits and just like humans there are negative and positive ones. It was most likely a child suffering in limbo looking for his mother. It mistook yours for his by mistake.”

Sarah shook my hands away and reached for the menu, scanning it for the seventeenth time since we arrived. She took a sip of her warm water and wiped her chin attempting with all her positive strength not to look me at me.

Look, Sarah, what do you say we get out of here and go somewhere with better service? I'm starved. I promise after we have breakfast I'll come take a look at your house and see if I can get a reading.”

Sarah looked up, a soft smile highlighting her crooked frown. She could never stay angry with me for more than five minutes.

What do you mean? Don't tell me you've got one of those dodgy detectors,” she laughed, throwing her menu onto the table and reaching for her jacket that hung over the wobbly seat.

I nodded, smiling sheepishly and grabbed my keys, draining the last of water jug.

My brother got a good deal on Ebay. Four for the price of two.It it came with a reader. Whether it works or not is another question entirely. But we've got nothing better to do. So I don't see why we can't have some fun.

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