Saturday, May 1, 2010

Creative Every Day - May 2nd

Creative Every Day - May 2nd

I trusted my intuition today and it lead me to a blog that has not only inspired me to start re-opening my passion for a lot of different crafts, but has inspired me to knit again.

A hobby of mine I have tried of and on since I was fourteen.

Today I trusted my heart and my mind. I let the yarn come to me, speak to me. Of course I could not resist to begin with my favourite colour- purple. So I got two types of yarn. One a soft 8ply wool, and the other a softer, fluffy wool. I decided to start with the 8ply first and see what comes of it.

The best part of the experience of knitting again was that I had to learn to cast on myself, as any other time I have always asked my Nanna Margaret or Mum to cast on and get me started. I did use some visual tutorials online, but none were working, until I found this one:

I watched the video a few times and would you believe it the only part I took in was the loop. The rest I had to work out for myself. After several failed attempts, I discovered I wasn't leaving enough room for tension, and was wrapping the wool around my fingers wrong. So I worked at it [despite my young cat wanting to play with it] and managed to be fairly productive in working on the scarf I am making for my partner.

So in light of my new creation. I decided to write a little creative poem to match.

Walking along the shelves

I see the diverse colours of inspiration

Calling out to me, beckoning me

Too many choices to taste

I lick my lips, running fingers along them

Each texture makes my heart leap

Onto the next line of needles

I pick my arsenal, exploding with joy

If I had an endless bag to carry

I would fill it with balls of passion

Casting each row in the delights of lust

This experience that warms my soul

Btw sorry for the shitty picture. I will take a better one during the day. I followed my intuition to write this journal entry though.

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dandelionlady said...

I love wandering through yarn stores too. It's great to be surrounded by so much texture and potential.