Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Creative Every Day- May 4th

With no sleep. Loads of meetings and stress about money- what is a nineteen year old girl to do?
Create Every Day- That's what.

I have been a little slow on that part. Mostly because I am sleeping between medication for my tooth and out most of the day. However I have been looking around the shops and I picked myself up some stunning wool that made my drool. I wanted all of them, the colors- oh the colors. I don't think a photograph could even do it justice, but I am damn sure gunna try to take one to show you guys how beautiful it is.

To match it I got myself some electric blue knitting needles. These were to cute and matched the them of blue I am going with. [I think I have changed my fetish for purple for blue- meh it happens] So what I do hope is to start knitting another scarf, this time I am going with maybe 10-15 instead of 3o. I want it to be a quick project.

The plain wool is called ' Rockback' while the beautiful shaded blue is called 'Langtree'. [Again sorry my camera does not do it justice. It really pisses me of.

As well as thinking, planning and salivating over delicious wool, I am planning on working on either a card or a bookmark. I am wanting to paint it with my old acrylic paints and stick these cute little paper butterflies to it. I think it will be nice to branch out into different arts and my intuition seems to want me to follow the path of blue this month.

I also am working on a rather depressing poem called ' Handful of Angels'

Handfuls of pills fall like rain drops from the sky

Classical, they sing me a whimsical lullaby

Hushing the day into a drowning black night

Forcing the Angels to fall from great height

Faster than lightening, a comet, a lonely star

They're crashing and falling, marking a scar

Another handful are taken to down with a drink

While I wait quietly suffering, no thoughts left to think.

I force away greatness, a soul full of mirth

Giving away to the darkness that produces this birth

It's a one way ticket to a land under hell's ground

The truth isn't spoken, on earth it will be found

There is no light above us, no heaven or Lord

Darkness surrounds us in an incredible force

Will you succumb to the wrong chance?

Or will you take hope in a rightful romance?

Handfuls of pills seep into my core

If I'm sleeping, no waking, what more can I ask for?

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