Sunday, September 28, 2008

"The Dry Season"

What defines “The dry season”?

Many months ago you could say I was very prolific.
The standards of my work could be desired.
I chose quantity over quality and suffered in the end.

It was not that I did not care.
I was just did not understand the technical side of writing.
Things like Grammar, Spelling, Punctuation, sentence structure etc.

At present I have five so-called finished novels.
All in which sit upon my desk: unedited and in my idea, incomplete.

It was not until I had a wake up call (no pun intended) at 3am in the morning might I add- That I realized that the way I was churning out these stories was not doing my credibility any justice. Not only that the quality and my need to write regardless my forcing myself to was starting to affect my flow and passion for the craft.

It was then, with a fellow writers encouragement and discouragement that I hit “The dry season.”

A season in which I am blocked mentally from writing and typing, but not from free flowing ideas or passion for my ideas and the need to write.

This is a period in time which I have always claimed as a “Writers stump” and as before I have sworn I would not let anyone crush me or stand in the way of my dreams of becoming a writer.

I will not be defeated.

In the same token I have taken my fellow writer's advice and have started to work progressively towards proofing and editing my already written manuscripts.

But the question lays inside of my heart...where my passion is marrow deep.

How do I get past “The dry season?”: My “Writer's stump?”

How to I look past the discouragement, the fear and pit pen to page, fingers to keyboard and write through this “Stump Season” without feeling like a failure every time I start to write, every time I think about writing?

To Answer does not speak to me with my voice... it is written on the many pages I intend to embark on in the fight against the wall of digression that has me swallowed in depressions tight, grip.

I will write through “The dry season” and only then, and only then will I know the truth within the questions that have strangled my credibility and writer's soul.

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