Friday, July 10, 2009

The Ever Changing Writing Desk

Some thing old & something new - I spent time organizing my writing & making schedules.

This is where every little scrap of material now goes.

You can NEVER have enough storage space for supplies.

My current situation with space has left me cluttering things everywhere. Now- I love where they are all cluttered & inspirational - I can't move them. [Observe the reading list]

The gracious desk itself - If you can make out the folder on the wall that is my interconnecting web of characters and situations in my vast, and never ending novel - The Apparition Man.'

Pens, Stationary & Electronics - You can't go wrong


YES !!! It is a record I have moved again, and along with moving comes the challenge of a new space to maneuver my writing jingles around in. Here is the result. Some of it stayed the same while other areas have changed.

Some of the cool things are that I now have candles & flowers around my desk. Little bits & bobs that are inspirational. I also have a lot of clutter. I love clutter. Which I have probably mentioned before :] - Bit I like to be organized as well. So I have spent some time organizing files, and making schedules for my writing. [see previous entry]

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