Saturday, July 11, 2009

First Days - Preparation

First days are always hard when starting something new. I will say this time, and time again.

In my case I am going to be starting a workshop for writing where a mission piece is written every day – In my case, until I finish all my short story series & my novel- 'The Apparition Man.'

Today was about organizing what I wanted to write this month [July.] My two primary projects this month are finishing my Fan-Fiction series – Twilight & Sugar Rush [Lesbian.]

I only need to finish both series this month. Nothing else. No stress to produce anything other than what I am working on, and if inspiration strikes for something else I will take notes. So in a lot of ways this method might teach me a few things.

In preparing for my first series to embark [Sugar Rush on I spent the day finding picture galleries for inspiration, and re-reading the previous entries I had already written for it. In this series each part is like another part to an episode. This episode I started back in 2008 is called ' Eye Candy.'

In preparation, I also read more of Living the Writer's Life to get a feel for what he is asking for when he speaks of his Workshop, and more chapters which discussed each individual theme in a writers life.

Today my main aim was to be ready for this coming Monday when I plan to start working on finishing the series. There are two parts left to finish in this series, scoping anywhere between 1-3 pages long. With Part [4] already plotted, I don't think I shall have any trouble when it comes to producing each part.

Tonight my goal is to finish gathering pictures, and other necessary media so that when tomorrow comes I will be able to finalize my plans for the rest of the series.

All in all I do believe it was a productive day.

The main thing to remember is a mission piece is scoped over the whole day.

The day is dedicated to one piece, and one piece alone.

Wish me luck ;]

Cheers, Blair

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