Saturday, July 11, 2009

Success In Saying NO !!!

What I find most hilarious about the matter of finishing my series. Is that I said to myself I could have a certain number of days to prepare, and I got right stuck into finishing part [4] of my Sugar Rush Fan-Fiction.

Best part of the whole evening : Finishing Three pages only to realize the series could potentially end at part [4.] I am going to give it until Monday to decide. I may write an optional part [5.] Meaning I will write a part [5] for the satisfaction of following through plans- but I may not include it in the episode.

Worst part of the whole evening: Writing with a Gray Lead pencil. I really hate having to sharpen those things. Pens are so much easier, and less likely to smudge. So that is a lesson learned. NEVER use Gray lead when writing series.

So that is a little recap of my evening.
I have done well so far.
I will fill you in on my progress, and decision when I have decided.

Now of to scan Google for inspiration.

Cheers ;]

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